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Feather Focus is UNIQUE - - Inside, you will find the highest quality birds including, but not limited to:
Grand Champion Show Quality & Rare Mutation Cockatiels including Fallows, Creamface,
      Lutinos, Pieds, WF Pieds, Pearls, Emeralds, Cinnamon and various combinations.
Babies for SALE now!  Starting at $125

 Pionus Parrots:  Blue Heads, Coral Bills, Dusky's  &  Maxi's.

  Congo African Greys:  $1399.00  - EACH

 Cape Parrots:

  All babies are handfed and well-socialized and are genetically bred for great dispositions.
      Awesome birds!

  Photos & pedigrees of cockatiels are shown in full detail, so you will not have any  surprises!

  Unlimited possibilities - Please feel free to "hang out" as long as you can and visit often.

  "The contents in my website changes, but my values do not"
Welcome to Feather Focus!
I am open to new ideas and suggestions.  Inside, are a lot of photos and may take longer to load
so please be patient. It will be worth your extra wait!   

How did Feather Focus Emerge?    
I grew up on a farm and had almost every animal you could imagine!
I brought home lost, hurt, or any other animal that I could find, and nursed them back to health
if they were ailing. I had a Senegal for several years which I loved, and my first cockatiel was named
"Baby."  I fell in love with the personality of my cockatiel, thus Feather Focus evolved. Once you get
some feathered friends they seem to multiply and the different mutations do too!  If you are an animal
lover or specifically a bird owner/lover, you know exactly what I mean! LOL

I have my Bachelors degree in Business Administration/Office Management, and Marketing,
which will be helpful in this exciting adventure.  
I presently work full-time away from Feather Focus and have a family which consists of
my husband Stuart, 2 daughters, Ashley and Amber, two Grandsons and 1 Grand-daughter!
Please allow time for me to respond to your inquiries.
I check my e-mail messages during a break or lunch daily & will respond at that time.

Please share this website with your friends/family & watch great things happen.
Thank you for visiting and be good to yourself!

FEATHER FOCUS  Specializes in
a few of the
Thank You to all our loyal customers.
Stuart  &  Deb Even